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Hello friends! We have many new followers and a new blog, so let me introduce myself.

I am board certified Dermatologist practicing in Florida. I completed 13 years of school/training after high school. I am one of the few doctors trained in Med/Derm, which means I completed both a dermatology residency and an internal medicine residency in a combined program. I specialize in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. I see all ages and absolutely love my job (there will be more to come on this).

I am a native Floridian, but spent 10 of those years training in the Midwest (many people still comment on the hints of an accent). While I loved my time in the Midwest, I belong in the Sunshine State. You will regularly see posts on sun safety at the beach, on the water, and at Disney!

Joanna McGetrick, MD Dermatologist
A typical day at the office

I am also a mom to two great kids, Coraline and Jack. I had Coraline while I was still a resident (it can be done), so if you need help on navigating having children while in training, I am full of unsolicited advice. I was pregnant with Jack when I graduated residency, and took my board exam shortly after moving cross country and massively pregnant (again, it can be done).

I am married to another physician who also happens to be my high school sweetheart. We went through High School, College, and Residency together (it can be done). My motto for our very busy dual physician household is to try to automate and delegate as much as possible.

I have been a horse lover my entire life, and only very recently went back to riding after a 15 year break. I am huge proponent for making the time for the things you love as soon as you can. I have two "house horses" (ie big dogs) that have filled the void in my animal loving life.

Poodles, dogs, spoiled, home decor
Spoiled poodles

This platform is a behind the scenes of my life as a dermatologist and a mom. Skin care tips, skin cancer awareness, empowerment, advocacy, and more. Please let me know what you would like to hear more about. Thanks for checking out my page!



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I am a board certified dermatologist, mom, wife, and animal enthusiast just trying to make life a little simpler. Please stop by regularly for new posts or sign up below to never miss a post!

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